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The BLAME Game

Review by Lew Antonie

Martin Basile has smacked us in the face with a film having very little dialogue and just a lot of walking around.

BLAME takes a concept you might find in a grade school project and turned it into a startling commentary about what shapes the tener of our world.

Marie Solimena stars as a young girl oppressed by her alcoholic father. This is all done through Marie’s stunning use of facial expression and body language. We see, not how her father ends up shaping the world around them, but how Marie’s reactions do. Without giving away the highly simplistic but truly imaginative plot point, we were handed a parable of how one person’s misery can truly erode an entire world. Again, without giving away the ending, the simplest move brought this reviewer to tears.

Strong characteriszation and transitions supplied by Basile and Solimena (her masterful inner dialogue sets us up for all that followed) as well as Hugo Santoro, Guiliana Sanchini, and Silvia Magnolo. The ensemble, which included Christian Mangione, Alberto Bologna, and Amedeo Pagella all delivered the message with subtle power.

One can imagine what Martin Basile could do with a bigger budget and more time.

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