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… singing a song of angry men



4 $tages By Anthony J. Piccione
Planet Connections Theatre
The Clemente, The Flamboyán
107 Suffolk St, New York, NY 10002
Review by Alexa Garcia

Anthony J. Piccione adeptly reveals how society looks today – and you ain’t gonna like it!

Society that is; the play was marvelous.

A tale of greed, corruption, and revolution done with abstract movement that uncovers some of the biggest issues facing American society in this century. In its brief time on stage, this one-act play explores the issues plaguing America and our political and economic systems – from wealth inequality to runaway imperialism. This play reveals all and, through 4 stages, you’ll see how America got to where it is today as well as the possibility of what could come next.

4 $tages is running as a double bill with Arabella but this production is benefiting Our Revolution. Our Revolution is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to electing candidates who are fully committed to promoting social equality, and economic justice.  4 $tages is written by Anthony J. Piccione and directed by Jami Chokachi. Ensemble-driven pieces seen to take a front seat at this year’s Planet Connections Fest and 4 $tages is a shining example of it done well. The superior cast included Shana Danielle Casey, Mikaeli Cruz, Silvia Dionicio, Elena Du Pisanie, Monica Howe, Jessica Lee, Finty McBain, Rita McCann, Niamh Ryan, Victor Steel, and Shane Zimmerman.

The cast did an amazing job with visualization of expression, dance/movement, and projection. Piccione – like the sparse dialogue in The Handmaid’s Tale – gave us so much to think about with just a few words and he and Chokachi molded foreboding scenarios beautifully. The unapologetic message of the production was to inform the audience of all the corruption, greed and ugliness society tries to hide and ignore. Personally, I was enthralled with their inference of change – or there will be a revolution coming.

Piccione is a surely prophetic playwright.

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