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Just in time for PRIDE: “Here We Are” by Seda Anbarci & Lissette Camacho

Here We Are-Web Series Review by Jen Bush

Seda Anbarci journeyed from Istanbul to Los Angeles to fulfill her dream of being in the arts.  She went from lab flasks to lens filters when she said goodbye to science and hello to filmmaking.  Seda is the talented director and co-writer of Here We Are, created and produced by Lissette Camacho

Just in time for Pride Month comes an LGBTQ+ family drama/romance web series called Here We Are.  There are two short episodes so far with more to come.  In addition to Seda Anbarci’s expert direction and writing, this series was created by Lissette Camacho who also stars in it..

In the opener set on a gorgeous beach, we see Evie, a college age adult sitting on a blanket writing poetry.  Lia, also a college student but premed, approaches Evie for some sunscreen.  The two strike up a conversation and end up exchanging phone numbers. 

In Episode two, we meet Evie’s mother and sister.  Evie is struggling with texting Lia.  Evie’s mom gets a little nosy and Monica interferes in her sister’s affairs.

It will be exciting to see where the diligent director takes this summer love series.  The trailer suggests a lot of mama drama.  The acting was solid with the cast all well suited for their roles.  Lissette Camacho is delightful as the angsty Evie.  Katy Corbus is wonderful at the assertive Lia.  Barbara Saba provided some fun comic relief as Evie’s mom.  Johanna Martinez was great as Evie’s feisty sister.  The cinematography is stunning.  You will want to be transported to that beach immediately upon seeing it.  The music was upbeat and complimented the scenes nicely.   

The short episodes leave you wanting more.  Will Evie be able to send a text?  Will Lia return to school in New York?  Stay tuned! 

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