ALL OUT ARTS, the producer of FRESH FRUIT FESTIVAL, one of NY’s premier LGBTQ arts festivals for more than two decades is accepting submissions from NYC authors of LGBT-themed short works and full plays in three multi-media categories this year. Thanks to the generosity of New York City’s Dept. of Cultural Affairs and the NYC Council, there are NO Admission or Participation Fees required, but there are numerous financial rewards and prizes

The 2023 FRESH FRUIT MAINSTAGE MAINSTAGE: Performances April – May at the Wild Project, NYC. Looking for Stage Plays of many types; must be self-produced. Tech and FOH staff provided plus production consultation and insurance. Shows receive FREE Box Office Share (last year over $6,000 was distributed). Storage provided. Event curated by Dennis Corsi and Louis Lopardi. Deadline December 15.

The 2023 MONOLOGUES-on-Film Project: A Contest and Exhibit of self-produced monologues on video. This year’s general theme: “Seeing.”  Eight to 10 Semi Finalists will be presented for public and technical panel voting. Free technical guidance and limited post-processing. Cash stipends to ALL Semi-Finalists PLUS increased cash award to all three finalists. Early-Spring presentation for votes, plus hosting on our YouTube Channel for two seasons!  Deadline January 2. Event curated by Jay Michaels.

The 2023 RadioPLAYS: Self-produced Audio works in two divisions. Radio SHORTS (up to 25 minutes, 3+ characters). Radio SHOTS! (2.5 characters, 3 to 12 minutes).  Extensive free technical help at all levels of the production process. Free post-processing and Podcast hosting. Cash stipends $175 to $250 upon completion.  Deadline January 15. Rolling production January through May. Event curated by Jay Michaels.

Please SEE our website for Details, Rules, and Links to past winners
https://freshfruitfestival.com/all-entry-fy23/  Note: Online-Application Forms only, per each part. If you submit in more than one division, please ALSO use the Contact form on the website.

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