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Endorsing “Blood”

Inola McGuire and Lester Cook at Washed in the Blood, a play by Joshua Crone, at the Nubox Theatre, 754 9th Avenue, NYC. 


The performances of Daniel Saulle, Alec Nevin and Joshua Crone were outstanding.  The play transcended to the whole landscape of the realities of gun violence to the audience.  The audio and the voice aspect of the drama surely gave an extra bonus to the message.

Pastor Jim’s character convinced the audience into thinking about the old-time religion of Sundays at a church somewhere around the world.  However, the audience settled for the Bible belt in the United States of America in its mind’s eye.

This play, “Washed in the Blood” has a lot of potential, and it deserves to be seen by a wider audience in New York City and in other states within the United States of America.



I saw Joshua Crone’s Washed in the Blood and enjoyed it immensely.  The intense dialogue befitted material that was deep in scope. I was impressed with the exchange between one of the characters and St. Peter.

I enjoyed the realism supplied to this kind of conversation. I enjoyed that ultimately this young man was given a choice and he chose to go back. I wish some colleges could get hold of this intense play and perform it. The parables and the lessons this play provides should really be seen by the masses.


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