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The Inner Mind Out … On Stage

A Therapy Session With Myself – review by Rebecca Benedict


A trip inside of some ones mind is not an easy trip, it is not somewhere that is readily shared or given in its entirety because of its vastness and its confusing twists and turns, we are often only able to share in small snippets that are cultivated and released.

On the eve of January 15th I was granted access to the mind of Anthony J Piccione the creator of “A Therapy Session With Myself” and so many of the wheels that turn it.

The Main Character Alex has Asperger Syndrome and anxiety and is trying hard to figure out how to change his intense patterning, connect with other people and give his life some direction. Throughout the journey we are presented the inner workings of Alex’s mind with three Alex’s, the one who is in the memories, the one who is stuck in his head living in the real world and the one who is the embodiment of Alex’s consciousness.

We are spun round and round with Ideas and thoughts that wont leave and memories that fuel these cycles of self torture and fear in an extremely relatable experience.

IMG_1305 (2).JPGIt is hard to sit through Alex’s doubt and fear and confusion and the repetition of the self arguing with the self, because it is hard to actually visit ones own inertia without taking a trip to the depths of someone else’s, yet it is also necessary.

Through out the show I found myself wanting to hug Alex, shake him into knowing his worth and frustrated by the circles he spun. This was a very brave and abstract show. I enjoyed the skillful and vulnerable crafting of such truth and emotion and the end of our experience its undeniable how absolutely harsh human-ing can be. With mental illness and Asperger’s aside we all have visited a piece of the very human mania that is presented in “A Therapy Session With Myself”. Anthony J Piccione connected to the tough parts of the human experience for us all and it was thought provoking.

I left asking myself questions about my own worth and looking at my own circles I spin and knowing for sure I am not alone.

[Photos by Anthony J. Piccione]

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