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Familial Laughter

Review by Dara Jemmott

“Black women are not a monolith,” was my immediate take away after seeing the diversity of our thoughts at The Joke Sistas at New York Comedy Club.

Walking into the SOLD-OUT show presented by New York Comedy Festival and Black Women in Comedy Laff Fest, you could feel the energy in the air.

Glo Butler as a host was funny, warm, energetic and interacted with the “Aunties” in the audience like your favorite play cousin.

The entire show was giving family reunion vibes, set by Glo and continued when founder of BWICLF, Joanna Briley hit the stage. With over twenty years of experience, she sparkled and delighted the audience with her radiance, joy and crazy stories working for the MTA.

Creative Director of BWICLF and late night talk show host, Hollie Harper lit up the stage with her honest and hilarious stories of motherhood. Special guest Moonie had the entire audience on her side, which is not something every lawyer can say! 

Getting the chance to watch comedy veterans that I’ve seen on TV, all performing on one show, in real life was such a treat!  Calise Hawkins (That Damn Michael Che Show, HBO), Erin Jackson (They Ready, Netflix), and Mugga (Manifest, Power, Orange is the New Black) all took the stage and owned the room, with the crowd sounding more like a laugh track than a live audience. Their comedy covered so many different experiences and watching them finesse each punchline, it’s evident why each of them have lasted and excelled in the game. 

The headliner who is also a writer for Nickelodeon, Mechelle “The Indie Mom of Comedy” gave a master class in shutting a room down! Closing out the show with such a wave of infectious and explosive laughter, it was no surprise she left the stage to a standing ovation. There was a genius to her ability to have act outs, layered with call backs and surprises, creating a rollercoaster of entertainment, leaving the audience hanging on every word.

From beginning to end the Joke Sistas felt like the food for the soul we have all been missing in quarantine.

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