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Help live theatre!

Opplaud is interested in your thoughts. Answer short survey for premium benefits!

Live theatre needs your help adapting to changes as we recover from the pandemic!

Please answer a quick, anonymous, multiple-choice survey to share how your attitudes and behaviors have been affected by COVID-19 and its aftermath.

As a “thank you” for your honest feedback, Opplaud.com is offering full premium benefits for every question that you answer! That’s a six week all-access pass if you answer all 18 questions!

To help, please visit: https://opplaud.com/survey/?zRef=JME&zKey=221004

This survey is open to every adult who has ever attended a live theatre performance, so please ask your friends and family to help the performing arts survive and thrive in the post-pandemic world by participating!

In addition to creating reports to summarize the results, the raw data will be made available free to everyone in the live theatre community to analyze for their own conclusions.

Please answer before October 23rd, so we can start making sense of what’s changed and plans to adapt as quickly as possible!


Unlike theatre reviews written by industry insiders to promote their friends’ shows, we create honestly simple reviews to help audiences decide what’s worth the time, money and effort to attend!

Let’s be honest: going out can be a hassle, and money doesn’t grow on trees. No one wants to waste time at a show they won’t enjoy, but the “safe bets” on Broadway are too expensive to catch more than once-in-a-while. And who has time to dig through hundreds of event listings and questionable crowd-sourced reviews in search of the perfect show? Nobody, that’s who!

Ovation + applaud = Opplaud®!

Cut to the chase with short, unbiased reviews that quickly tell you whether a show is worth it, from the draw of the story to the value for the money to the comfort of the seats. If you’re a cast member looking for your name in print or a producer digging for quotes then you might be disappointed, but if you’re searching for a great performance, we’ll help you find it!

Subscribe now to enjoy going out more than you ever imagined, for less money and less risk than you ever thought possible!

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