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Body of [Brilliant] Work

SHINKA (3).jpgShinka By Ren Gyo Soh
Planet Connections Theatre
The Clemente, The Flamboyán
107 Suffolk St, New York, NY 10002

Review by Alexa Garcia

The body can tell a story with as much vigor as the finest prose. Shinka explores the mystery of living beings. We are all human beings living in a society that has developed rapidly. Fear of death, hope for life. We live in an ecosystem evolving every moment together. Yet we struggle, create, and destroy. Using Butoh Dance and Physical Theatre, we are offered a chance to witness the exploration of life itself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through Shinka.

Ren Gyo Soh’s Shinka has been developed under the Ume Group’s support since 2013. Shinka is both directed and choreographed by Yoshiko Usami assisted by Rui Dun. The inspired costuming was created by Deepsikha Chatterjee, and the alluring sound design by Ren Gyo Soh (creator). Bob Lyness, proeuced. Perfectly staged and mesmurizing charactersisation by dancers,  Miles Butler, Zak Ma (performer-understudy), Annie McCoy, Jennifer Marinelli, Dustin Maxwell, Efren Sanchez, and Yoshiko Usami hyponitzied the appreicatiuve crowd. This production benefits World Wildlife Foundation.

Shinka was unique and strange … and honest. This format gave us a purity that would not have been there with dialogue at the helm. I came away thinking we’re in a race … the human race … and we might not win.

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