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Michael Hagins and Social Justice

Playwright & Social Justice Advocate, Michael Hagins, once again uses art to influence life with S.U.N. (Shut Up, Negro) in the U.S.A. (United States of America) presented by C.A.G.E. Theatre Company.

MICHAEL HAGINS is an African-American Playwright, Director, Fight Director, Actor, and Producer, and member of Dramatists Guild as well as an Advanced Actor-Combatant for the Society of American Fight Directors. Born in Brooklyn, New York, but raised in a small town in Florida, he has used the racism and prejudice but allowed it to fuel his writing – which he has done since age 9. Michael, an avid lover of Shakespeare, boasts having done (acted, directed, choreographed – or any combination thereof) every play in the Shakespeare Canon. While the Bard might be his “day-job,” it is always bringing to light inhumanity within humanity that powers his pen.

Performing Wednesday, September 8th at 8 pm.; Thursday, September 9th at 5 pm; Friday, September 10th at 8 pm. at Theatre Row Studios, Theatre 2, 410 W. 42nd Street, S.U.N. in the U.S.A. is a story that explores American history through the eyes of EVERYMAN BLACK – a solitary African-American man – who, through a series of events, is “kindly” reminded just how he has it in his time in the United States of America. This powerful tome reflects upon African slavery, from its origin to today’s culture.

Duane Ferguson as EVERYMAN BLACK

The production is directed by Stephanie Cox-Connelly

and stars Duane Ferguson

with Alex D, Kofi Mills, Gigi Principe, Michael Pichardo, Jeremy Goren, Michael Joseph Whitten, Tiffany Knight, Aaron David Kapner, Beth Griffith, Mary Sheridan, Alaina Hammond and Tucker Dally JohnstonStage Managers: Sara Minisquero and Adam Sherwin

Tickets available at 


Poster Design: Eliko Aharon 

MICHAEL HAGINS canon of work includes Off-Broadway: The Long Rail North (Soho Rep, FringeNYC). New York Productions: Basement (Roly Poly Productions); Michael is Black (Planet Connections Theatre Festivity); The Renaissance Dueling Plays (Planet Connections Theatre Festivity); The Vengeance Room (FRIGID Festival). Regional/Other: Hit and Match (Chicago Fringe, Johannesburg Fringe). Outstanding Playwriting – Hit and Match, 2013; Outstanding Overall Production of a Solo Show – Michael is Black; Winner of Best Playwriting, Best Director and Best Overall Production of NEPTA Awards for As You Wish It or The Bride Princess or What You Will, 2020. Artistic Director, C.A.G.E. Theatre Company

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