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Lilli Meizner picks The Fruit Trilogy

I entered The Triad Valentine’s eve with a hunger for the raw authentic perspective of women
and people AFAB in relation to the reclamation of their sexuality and freedom.

The Ripple Effects Artists are well known for their presentations of media uplifting women as well as
highlighting the subjugation of them. The Fruit Trilogy by Eve Ensler was a visceral
representation of the toils of sexual violence, objectification, and control of women and femmes.

Pomegranate opened the show with grim minimalism; an intentionally vague plot was revealed
through establishing dialogue between the two characters: one being a bubbly optimist with
hope for societal retribution, and the other an unforgiving realist with a cold outlook to their
inevitable fate. They ponderously debate whether it was possible to forgive men for the trauma
they inflict, and whether there are any innately good people left alive. The piece highlights a
struggle; the battle between the desire to be wanted and the realities of living in a world where
to be wanted is to be owned.

Avocado followed and quickly shifted the mood from vague analogy to literal musings of an
adolescent woman experiencing a range of PTSD symptoms that kept me captivated from start
to finish. The retelling of her upbringing was intense, oscillating rapidly between
lightheartedness and the gruesome representation of psychological and physical torment the
character endured. A fair warning to any would-be avocado viewers, this monologue is about
sexual violence and minors.

Coconut closed the show by first grounding you from the whirlwind of emotion that was the
show prior. This was done effortlessly with comedy and comfort. The actress starts out slow,
enjoying the meditative act of massaging herself, and slowly it transforms into a reminder of
what womanly traumas haunt her. To connect with yourself is to connect with the good and the
bad. There is also a desire to be observed without judgment or to receive anything from it.
Ultimately Coconut is about escaping the male gaze, and experiencing life, joy, and pleasure
purely for yourself.

Much like the Vagina Monologues, these fruity stories, although hauntingly bleak, are meant to
inspire hope and motivate change; they foster a sense of unity in the audience. They transcribe
and retell important stories that need to be shared. One thing that would have been appreciated
was more content warnings, if one wasn’t familiar with the Vagina monologues or content
similar, it could be triggering.

Visit https://rippleeffectartists.com for more information on their season and body of works, including an upcoming reading of ROE. https://www.facebook.com/events/556062866484005?ref=newsfeed

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