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Coral Mizrachi: Can’t Kill Me Now

Can’t Kill Me Now Review by Jen Bush

Coral Mizrachi began her artistic journey in her birthplace of Israel.  She took her passion for acting and telling stories to the stage where she starred in shows like Into the Woods.  In 2017, she was accepted into The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City, one of the most prestigious acting institutions in the world.  In 2020 she had the lead role in a television serios Trippin Stacia and then the unthinkable happened, a cancer diagnosis.

Can’t Kill me Now is a biographical music video of this beautiful young artist’s struggle and ultimate triumph over cancer.  It’s difficult to watch yet uplifting overall.  Wes Aldrich composed a haunting and stunning piece of music that provides a wonderful companion to this poignant video.  We see the pain, the anger and the fear associated with this horrific illness when we see this beautiful young lady screaming under water receiving hypodermic needles and IV hookups.  Make no mistake, even without hair, Ms. Mizrachi looks beautiful and even healthy, but your heart will break when she looks at her own reflection with such deep anguish.  In this video we also see a strong, brave, and resilient warrior who reclaims her life as she gets better and stronger.   She takes paint and transforms a canvas into a gorgeous seascape.  She laughs and dances and finds joyous moments by the ocean.  This story had a happy ending.  There are many more stages and screens waiting for the artistry of Coral Mizrachi.  May the rest of her journey unfold with the best of health, joy, and prosperity. 

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