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The Fire This Time Festival & Frigid NYC present a play by Kelley Nicole Girod directed by Andrew Block

In this South Louisiana neighborhood, just past the intersection where Ghosts from the Past cross Hopes for the Future, lies …

illustrated-cover-no-dates (1).jpgTHIS STRETCH OF MONTPELIER

Part of the 10th anniversary season of Planet Connections Theatre Festivity at the Theaters at the Clemente, 107 Suffolk Street, New York City, running Thursday 7/19 @5:45pm-7:15pm; Saturday 7/21 @8:30pm-10pm; Wednesday 7/25 @7:15pm-8:45pm; Sunday 7/29 @ 7pm-8:30pm; Saturday 8/4 @9:30pm-11pm; and Sunday 8/5 @2pm-3:30pm

Obie winner, Kelley Nicole Girod and Ovation winner, Andrew Block forge a play about a place out of time.

Evolution doesn’t have to take millions of years. It can happen right in front of our eyes. Spend a hot summer day along a stretch of Southeastern Louisiana road, where tradition now clashes with change. Old neighbors intertwine with those newcomers, bringing about gentrification… and integration. Before the new world can breathe on its own, racism, homophobia, and colliding generations must fight for survival. Ghosts from the past dance with the uncertain music of the future creating an imperfect but vibrant culture seeking to understand how to live together in a changing society. This is what happens when yesterday meets tomorrow.



This summer, Planet Connections Theatre Festivity (PCTF), the brainchild of arts professional Glory Kadigan, turns 10 years old. In that decade, PCTF has successfully changed the landscape of the theatre festival and all of New York independent theatre. The multi-award-winning theatre festival will celebrate in a big way by premiering more than 50 timely and topical plays and musicals written by the next generation of playwrights. Each play contains a powerful message serving as a parable of various world themes. The Tenth Planet: Planet Connections Theatre Festivity will run fromJuly 9 through August 5, 2018 at The Clemente, 107 Suffolk Street, NYC.www.planetconnections.org. Artists presenting works from all across America, including Denver, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Providence and New York City; and from all over the planet, including Japan, Yugoslavia, Russia, Peru, France, Belarus, & Haiti are part of this years festivity.

Ai caught up with playwright, Kelley Nicole Girod, who shared her many artistic adventures. 

As a producer, I am committed to presenting stories by artists of color. As a playwright, I love to write about the Black Cajun/Creole world of Louisiana that I grew up in. I love hearing all those voices every time I write, and smelling the backyard on a hot summer day, or the scent of gumbo on a Fall breeze. It’s my favorite place to escape to, both in my head as a writer, and in real life. 


Share with us a little something about your play that we WON’T see in the press release.

You will hear a Cajun “call” Aieeeeeeee!!! at some point during the play.


LOVE THAT! OK, This shows us that this a very specific location and thought-process. Is it identifiable on a wider range? How does your play resonate today? Feel free to be blunt. 

The reality of our present day is pushing up against our past in big ways lately in this country. My play addresses our history with racism in America and the structures it has built that are now being dismantled.  Spilling out of this is generational divides, racial tensions, the strains of gentrification, and a literal changing landscape as Louisjana’s coastline (and culture) disappears. 


We’ve gotten a ton of varied answers on this … why did you choose Planet Connections for your work?  

I love that Planet Connections is committed to plays that both present timely social issues, as well as present actual foundations that audiences can give to that are linked to the causes brought up in the piece. It allows the artists and the audiences to take that extra step to be proactive once they leave the performance.

Where do you see it going in the future? 

If no dream is too big, let’s say Broadway! 


FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for someone with THE dream! What’s the next step?  

Fill the theatre for Planet Connections run!


Another Pro Answer! Final thoughts? 

Thank you for this opportunity. 

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