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Gauthier Raad in Focus (Part II)

PART I in InDfilm

Meet filmmaker Gauthier Raad.  He is an international, multi-cultural and multi-lingual sensation.  He was drawn to the cinematic arts at a young age.  Following his passion, he has achieved success on several continents.  He has a vast toolbox of skills coupled with cosmopolitan experience to create innovative and compelling content.  It was wonderful to learn more about this fascinating artist.

Interview by Jen Bush

Mr. Raad’s defining moment in life was to go on a journey which paved the way to his career in the arts.  It took a lot of guts to do this at a young age but it all worked out in the end.  “I feel that the most defining moment in my life is when I decided to pack my suitcase and move to another country alone without knowing anyone there. This happened when I was 19 years old. It has taught me a lot of things… a lot of lessons. I think I became fearless.” 

Mr. Raad has a favorite genre and it’s a good one.  “My favorite genre is a psychological thriller. It is so difficult to be able to create such a genre but when it is well done, psychological drama movies haunt me for months. I think it needs a high level of maturity, professionalism, and time to be able to do a psychological thriller. This is why there are not a lot of them.”

Mr. Raad has a positive attitude and doesn’t let obstacles stand in his way.  “Obstacles are everywhere… but I believe if we really want something, genuinely – not for our ego – It will come. 

The biggest obstacle in our industry is always the network and the contacts. Most people stay in the same place and work on expanding their network. My journey is completely different. I have moved many places but this has never been an obstacle or a handicap in my professional life.” 

Mr. Raad shared his thoughts on how the pandemic impacted the arts industry.  “I think our habits have changed post-pandemic. It is important for us to start pushing back people to go out and meet, and network… I have noticed this in the film festival I manage. I think the virtual shift that happened during the pandemic is a very positive thing, however, I think that people have to put more effort to go out and meet other people. The pandemic made us lazy and so comfortable in our houses… I think venues, associations should help the festivals and the events by giving them more space to do more events so people will little by little get into the habit of going out more.” 

“What’s next?  My dreams… here I come.”  For someone who had the incentive to take the world by storm before the age of 20, I believe Mr. Raad’s dreams will be fulfilled, and we will be the lucky recipients of his art.

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