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Coni Koepfinger: “…life really IS a play”

Coni Koepfinger Interview by Jen Bush

Coni Koepfinger is an award-winning playwright, poet and librettist.  Her work is prolific.  Ms. Koepfinger is professionally associated with some of the most prestigious arts organizations in the world.  She is the radio host of AIRPLAY which brings artists together from all over the world.  She is a creator, educator and advocate for the arts and artists.  Her newest work is called Auditioning for Eternity which she co-wrote with Dan Carter.  It’s about two friends who reconnect only, one is dead and one is alive.

Ms. Koepfinger’s inspiration for writing this play is quite profound and poetic.  “My inspiration was Shakespeare. I sense the truth is that life really is a play.  Eternal Rest lies in our dream state. The curtain rises each morning as we enter a new scene – even if the same old scenery there’s something quite similar to the stages of waking life and theatre. And what has always fascinated me, is the occasional peek backstage – to see what really is going on in the cosmos.”

Ms. Koepfinger is hoping that this play will provoke the audience to ponder deep questions about existence.  “I’d like the audience to take away a deeper understanding of life perhaps- how all life is connected. We come from and go back to love. But then, what is love?” 

Ms. Koepfinger is delighted that the performing arts are back despite the fact that Covid is still around.  “ I feel, “Wonderful and full of wonder.” Yet as Socrates said, in wonder comes wisdom- we need to be mindful of others and kind in speech, thought and deed. 

Ms. Koepfinger took some wisdom from the Ancient Greeks to share what she thinks theatre should look like post-Covid.  “Theatre should continue to entertain, educate and exult the human spirit, to quote the Ancient Greeks.” 

Not surprisingly, there is a lot more artistic greatness in the works for this talented wordsmith.  She’s got plays and musicals premiering into 2023 in the U.S. and internationally as well. “Next is a lot of hard work !!!! Which I really look forward to.”  Below are some of her upcoming exciting projects.

Hot off the Press: My Dinner with Mary,  published by Next Stage Press, Fall 2022.  

Eve of Beltane, a new play, with Joe Izen , a virtual staged reading directed by Victoria Rae Sook, Fall 2022.

JAK, Beyond the Beanstalk , a new family musical with James Scheider, currently in development in NYC.

Josie in the  Bardo, a workshop directed production directed by Maria Olan, Blue Skye Productions 2023.

Kingdom Come, a new musical with Joe Izen directed by Sia Koskina, premiering 2023 in Athens, Greece

STORIES, a play on humanity, with Cynthia Peters Arnold, directed by Matt Matthews, produced by Lois Saperstein at The Artshouse, NYC in 2023

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