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Stage notable, David Arthur Bachrach plays film legend John Huston in Carson & Huston

Interview by Jen Bush

David Arthur Bachrach is a New York actor, singer and dancer.  A noted classical actor, Bachrach is credited with acclaimed productions of Macbeth, Richard III, Hamlet, The Cherry Orchard, Three Sisters, Much Ado, Cymbeline, and – after this play – As You Like It.  He will be appearing as John Huston in the upcoming production of Carson & Huston. The play is   based on a true story about a meeting between novelist and playwright Carson McCullers and film director John Huston in Ireland.

 Mr. Bachrach has a tried and true creative process that has served him well throughout his artistic journey.  “The steps in my creative process are to research the role(s), gloss all references, understand the context in which the roles appear in the play. Next, assimilate the director’s vision for work, then begin memorization.”

Carson Mccullers and John Huston are instantly recognizable names with a vast body of wonderful work between the two of them.  This is what attracted Mr. Bachrach to this play.  “What drew me to Carson and Huston was a familiarity with Huston’s work and an eagerness to acquaint myself with Carson’s.”

 Regardless of the subject matter, actors have a responsibility to honor the work and provide a genuine portrayal of their character.  A seasoned actor like Mr. Bachrach takes this responsibility seriously while also using his skills to make the role his own. “While I feel a responsibility to represent John Huston fairly and accurately, this is nonetheless a work of fiction so, within that, I feel free to leaven the role with my own wit and personality.”

Live performances have returned though Covid is still an unwelcomed guest.  Mr. Bachrach has done his part to ensure the health and safety of himself and others and is working in an environment where proper health and safety protocols are fully in place.  “My understanding is that Equity requires that the audience show proof of vaccination and wear a mask in the theater.  I’ve tried to take all personal responsibility and cautions (vaccinations, tests).  That’s what can be done, for now.

Theater by definition is a ‘large tent’ – broad, encompassing many variables and talents.” 

Covid is a global unwanted shared experience.  Post-Covid, many artists including Mr. Bachrach feel that this will spawn future artistic works.  “In my view, post-covid is similar to any shared life experience and ought to be reflected when appropriate in theatrical works.”

 After Carson & Huston, The Bard will be keeping Mr. Bachrach occupied at the beginning of another beautiful New York fall.  “Next for me is As You Like It by Shakespeare.Frog and Peach Company, Lynnea Benson, director.  Theater 71 at 152 West 71st Street, Manhattan.  September 29, 2022 – October 23, 2022.  Thursday-Saturday nights at 7:30pm, Sunday afternoons at 3:00pm.”  

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