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About Last Night

AHandAcrossTheBridge-18 (1).jpgA Hand Across the Bridge 
By Jonathan G. Galvez
Planet Connections Theatre
The Clemente, The Latea
107 Suffolk St, New York, NY 10002
Review by Alexa Garcia

Every young teen dreams of college. The stereotype implies all you do is party all the time and get drunk. But playwright Jonathan G. Galvez shows us, apologetically, that it’s not so easy! Ten years after their kick-off into the real world, six former friends are brought back together to reflect on their last year at Sycamore University. Not paying attention to lots of things back then, these friends discover the truth about that one night, that one choice, and how it affected them all.

A Hand Across the bridge is a story about what some don’t realize happens in college. Written by Jonathan G Galvez and directed by Kristen Keim, supporting the Cohen Esophageal Cancer Initiative, and dealing with issues such as rape and sexual assault, A Hand Across The Bridge is a production that must be seen by many. The cast was able to tell the story and perform well without revealing the shocking twist. Alex Andrews (Carrie), Alanna Dachille (Karla), James Johnston (Ross), Devonte McCray (Kurt), Kat Moreno (Dina), Josh Bartosch (Bradley), Lauren Gunn (Kimberely), Kate Elaine Jones (Catherine), Jordan Merimee (Mark), Canning Robb (Stacey), Cassandra Borgella (Mary), Alice Hale (Maggie), and Sam Lopresti (David) were exemplary in performance and in relating the play’s message.

I’m excited to hear that A Hand Across The Bridge is a part of Jonathan G Galvez’s Bridge Series meaning if anyone who has seen this production is curious about what happens to some these characters then see what happens this fall in Skylar. I would certainly love to see what happens. While watching this play i was absorbed in it, and appropriately surprised by the ending. This production breached a topic not oft-discussed. The aim, to me, of this production was to inform and persuade others about what may happen in college and to not stay silent about it. People choose to ignore whatever happens in college thinking it’ll all be over and forgotten soon enough. However that’s not true because the past will always haunt you unless its properly dealt with. Which is why silence is not an option it shouldn’t be.

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