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From Israel to New York – it’s Noy Marom

Noy Marom Interview Part I by Jen Bush

Say Shalom to Noy Marom!  Hailing from Israel, she came to New York to pursue film and theatre opportunities.  Ms. Marom honed her craft on two continents and is a graduate of the prestigious Stella Adler Studio of Acting.  Ms. Marom is an advocate for female voices in the performing arts via her all-female theatre company which she will discuss in more depth during the interview.  In October you’ll be able to see her perform in a piece she co-produced called Yerma.  That is just one of several exciting projects she has in the works. 

Ms. Marom’s passion for performing and visual arts began at a young age.  She feels the strongest pull toward acting and has worn the hat of a producer in recent years.  Ms. Marom feels that there is magic in storytelling.  “I always felt the arts calling my name. Ever since I was very little. I used to spend all my waking hours creating and immersing myself in art- acting, dancing, singing and just performing and creating. I also loved drawing and painting- I guess you could say that even then I loved choosing the different colors in which I paint my reality- and honestly, I think that’s the way I still see my artistic voice now- just using everything in my toolbox to paint pictures and tell exciting and raw stories.”

“I am first and foremost- an actor. That is my absolute favorite thing to do in the whole entire world.  My passion is to tell stories through words and through movement and through complex and raw characters. During my acting career, I was lucky enough to take part in a variety of different projects: films, theater productions, commercials, music videos, photo shoots and more.”

“In recent years, I also find a lot of joy in producing and having a broader control over the projects that I take part in. I started this path when I co-created the Virago Ensemble – an International all-female theater company, striving to empower women’s voices by sharing old and new works created by female-identifying writers. We started working together in 2017, fresh out of acting school and produced a number of successful projects performed in NYC.”

“I absolutely love that I have both options- to bring different characters created by talented writers and creators to life and give them a voice, and also, to carry that voice while taking part in establishing the broader image and agenda of the project and contributing to its general success.”

“I’ve also always loved writing and being that a lot more these days since the pandemic.  To describe it in a few words- I am a storyteller.”

There is a recognition among creatives that certain geographical locations provide abundant opportunities in the arts.  New York is considered a prime place for that.   All the wonderful elements were in place for Ms. Marom to make a life in this vibrant artistic city.  “I always loved New York and the artistic life in it, shining from every street corner. It always felt larger than life to me, and after calling it my artistic home in recent years, I have come to know just how true this statement is.”

“Everything is always happening at once, in high-speed and there are countless challenges to face, but also countless opportunities to discover.”

“I knew that with my passion for acting and on my constant journey towards living a beautifully full artistic life, New York would be the right choice for me, and it proved to be right. The minute I got to this intense city I knew that I’ve arrived home. The people, the energy, the art, the atmosphere, the industry- it speaks to my heart and it nurtures my passion to create.”

 Ms. Marom was inspired to act by watching movies from a young age.  There was not only an interest in the stories and the characters but a level of self-discovery through viewing them.  Producing not only gives her more control over projects but provides further opportunities to work on projects.  “I vividly remember myself as a very young girl, sitting in the living room at my parent’s house and constantly watching movies. It was my favorite thing to do.”

“I remember that I was constantly in awe as to how invested I was in these stories and characters, and I got to know myself and understand things about myself and about the world through the work of these actors and the creators behind the stories.”

“It gave me a language and an outlet to the world around me. I also loved going to the movies. Something about the presence of a single character (actor) on this larger-than-life screen and having it move me, or amuse me or shift something from within, just made me fall in love with it. As I started developing it and taking classes, I also realized that I can actually be good at it and then I knew that I have found my thing.”

“The producing part came along later and I am very thankful to be able to have another creative outlet and to simply be artistically active and constantly involved in projects I am passionate about.”

Part II in the pages of Showtones

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