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Bond … Irving Bond

IG_portrait.jpgAi has the pleasure of speaking with prolific author, Irving A. Greenfield. His writing style – as you can see – is one of depicting adventure both in realistic and fantastic realms. His is now a celebrated playwright with a new work premiering next month at the legendary American Theatre of Actors, directed by his friend and colleague, Laurie Rae Waugh.
His latest, BANNED IN BISBEE is both fantastic and realistic: Captain Jack Boxer and Master Chief Gomez step out of the author’s mental world and into real life with the help of the author GREENFIELD to right a wrong.  Looking to change a ban on his DEPTH FORCE SERIES and all of his other books, do they succeed?
This clever stage tome pokes fun and showcases the works of this powerhouse scribe. 


Well, Mr. Greenfield, tell us about yourself as an artist

I do not consider myself to be an artist, but I consider myself to be a craftsman. You might consider that a semantic difference, but from my point of view and experience it is not. Words are building blocks. Put together in a particular way they become something else. Whatever that something else is, depends on what the author wants to say. 
Tell us about the play and what was the inspiration in writing it? 
My books were banned in Bisbee for the reason stated in the play. I thought it would make a good comedy if the characters in the book come out of the book and demand justice.
Do you feel the play resonates with audiences today? 
The play is about freedom of speech. Today that freedom, as specified in the First Amendment of the Constitution is in grave danger from a feckless President, Congress, and Senate.   
This is not your first rodeo with Laurie. tell me how you two work together. 
Working with Laurie has been a wonderful experience. She reads my work as I want it to be read.
What’s your next endeavor? 
I hope to turn a screenplay that I have written into a viable vehicle for the stage. Different kinds of creative thinking and writing are required for a film or play. 

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