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Songs and Poems

Rachel Rocano reviews “See You at the Funeral!” & “Village Orpheus” at the Fresh Fruit Festival 

“See You at the Funeral!” a musical comedy, about three women – Dina the charming gay compulsive liar; Medusa, the washed up Diva determined to make her comeback; and Gittel the Holocaust survivor and oldest living dominatrix. In the show Gittel takes the audience on an unforgettable ride of choosing to go upstairs or downstairs because you only die once.

All played by Tova Katz.

Amusing, hypnotic in an odd way, and engrossing, Katz, had an amazing voice and played three distinct characters. Every time Katz came out, there was a fully-formed (and different) person.

This enjoyable event is worth a second look, simply for Katz’ wonderful voice rolling all though the theater. One persons-shows can seem sparse but here, we met a chorus.

“Village Orpheus” was about sexual celebration in Greenwich Village. Frank O’Hara is the poet whose work lit up the neighborhood throughout the 50s and 60s. I really liked the poems and how all the characters talked in sync at some points. The actors were very entertaining and for every scene they choose a song that perfectly matched the it. The show was well organized and would recommend to those who enjoy poems.

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